The Internet as Teacher?

The Internet as Teacher is an action research project with first year teacher training students. The students will act as peer tutors for each other in order to investigate the aim of the project: To investigate how, and to what extent, the Internet can aid the students in their instrumental (or vocal) development. The tentative research questions are:

  • How do the students consider the quality of the training they experience through the combination of the Internet and peer tutoring?
  • How do the students regard the lack of a traditional teacher in the learning process?
  • Which kinds of different uses of the Internet do the students develop?
  • What kinds of tensions and problems arise during the project.

The documentation will take place both through the students’ personal logs as well as through a wiki they will generate about learning a musical instrument on the Internet.

As a test I will try out the idea myself for the rest of the year: I’ll document my attempts on this blog.

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