Starting the pilot

Me and my collague Olle Zandén met yesterday and agreed that we should go ahead with the research project The Internet as Teacher. We will start out with students in January, but before that we will try to put ourselves in the students’ postition by learning a new instrument through the use of internet and each other. And document that according to the ideas we had. Olle will attempt to learn the bassoon while I will try to learn the accordion. Only problem right now is the lack of an instument… I want to learn the accordion with buttons rather than a piano accordion, and will probably need to buy one unless I can borrow one.

An attempt to formulate the personal goal for this cycle of the pilot action research would be: To be able to play one Christmas song with both hands so that others can stand listening to it by Christmas.

I will also need to start documenting the process by starting or finding a wiki. I belive I will use this webpage in order to have control over the whole process.

Today I have looked around without any particular plan for what might be out there to learn the accordion. I found:

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