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Predatory Journals

Just a short shout out: Before submitting to a journal that has been found on the internet, and where you do not really know the editor or board members, please check Beall’s list of predatory journals. A predoatory journal is … Continue reading

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Updated the Nordic Phd Thesis

Just to post something – I have now updated the Nordic PhD thesis page so that all (?) new thesis are included – and I have even spent some time tracking down Finnish music ed thesis, but have probably missed … Continue reading

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Two new journals added

Two new journals in the arts education category has been added. Both are of Nordic origin, but with an international scope. The first, the European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education,  is a journal focusing on the theoretical discussions in … Continue reading

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Updates on the Black metal studies

The last 7 months have been filled with an increasingly interesting topic of research:Black metal education. Thomas von Wachenfeldt and myself have been interviewing young black metal musicians about how they have learnt to play, how they consider their musicianship, … Continue reading

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New Journal added: Bulletin of empirical music education research

The links section is updated – this time with a German/English journal    

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New journal added: TOPICS

The MayDay group has launched a new journal more directed towards praxis than the more philosophical MayDay journal.  Check it out here

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Updated links to music educational journals

I once was very active with It is now DEAD but I moved and updated the links to journals section – and it is now here. Please let me know of the ones I’ve missed!

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Making Transana work on Ubuntu

Transana is a fantastic open source software for transcribing and categorizing qualitative empirical material such as interviews and video. And it actually works fairly well on Linux. Here I will describe how to make it work in Ubuntu good enough … Continue reading

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Whoa!? has been the most influential and biggest community for hip-hop in Sweden or almost 15 years and now it’s closing down. I’ve downloaded the complete website – forums and all – and am in contact with the people behind … Continue reading

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Finally submited Internet as Teacher

Finally Olle and me have submitted Internet as Teacher to the Journal of Music, Technology and Education Now we cross our fingers!  

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