“Drömmen om Elin”

Ok – I’ve decided. After having struggled to get to grips with the accordion by myself again today, I have decided to go for “simple”. Actually – Drömmen om Elin. I even found a note even if I do not believe I will use it. Tip for finding notes is to use googles “filetype:pdf” option (add that to whatever search term and find just pdf files).

The problem is of course to combine the two hands… There is a reason why I never became a good pianist, and there I can at least see both hands at once. I believe I will overcome that fairly quicly though. One thing I don’t understand is how they navigate through the bass notes. I understand that they are organised according to the circle of fifths, but how can I feel where in the system I am? It might dawn on me eventually. Now I have to liste through the notes to figure it out in relation to the right hand C (chich I can identify visually).

I hope to be able to master Drömmen om Elin fairly well within two weeks by practicing half an hour each day (except the weekends). If that works out, I’ll try to learn a christmas song.

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