“Software” for cloud based music creation

I have now done a search for “free” cloud based software for music creation and found quite a lot actually:

  •  Monkey Machine: A simple but decent drum machine based on Hydrogen
  • Aviary’s Music Creator – ROC which is an easy to use, sequencer software.
  • Aviary’s Myna – which is an easy to use multitrack recorder and sample DAW (similar to Garage Band from Apple in many ways)
  • Soundation – which is a loop and sample focused online music studio like Myna
  • Audiotool – which is a music creation platform much like Propellerhead’s reason – focused on electronic music
  • Audiosauna – which is a simple midi sequenser with a built in sampler as well
  • Rocudo – which is a sample loop based tool for live remixing
  • UJam – which is a very cool idea. You upload or sing/play into the program and it analyses your audio and generates accompaniment.
  • Noteflight – which is a cloud based and very capable notation software

All of the above are free and should be useful for a music teacher I assume. Just tell me how 🙂

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